Stop Knee Pain Now Exercise To Strengthen Your Knees

Stop Knee Pain Now Exercise To Strengthen Your Knees

Trick to follow

At times, you might hear some crack sounds while you are walking or maybe changing your


Therefore, this exercise is necessary to stretch your knee and have proper blood circulation


While doing the circular motion, you can make smaller circles, if long circles can be painful

for your ankle.

 Hip Exercise

Hip exercise helps sin flexing the hip muscles for both elders and seniors.

Elder people need to do this hip marching exercise to maintain adequate strength in the lower


Regular hip exercise will help in avoiding any pain while walking.

If you are facing any spinal issue while bending down for letting any object, do hip marching

regularly to help strengthen your muscle and making it easier for picking nay object from the


Motive of this exercise

Hip marching movement helps increase the strength of your hip muscles, as they are

responsible for walking and in general lifting your leg and easy bending.

Trying this exercise daily for 20 minutes can also help increase the ability in walking and

correct sitting posture.

Step 1

Take your dining chair and make yourselves comfortable, while keeping the feet flat on a


Step 2

Sit formally, lift your legs high as possible with your hands on your knee and hold the

Position for 10 seconds.

Does the same movement use your left leg? In total 10 times, you can do this exercise with both


How to breathe while exercising

Inhale fresh air while lifting your leg and exhale during keeping your leg back to the position.

Tricks to follow

Any exercise performed more than required can lead to muscle strain and swelling.

Therefore 20-time hip moving motion is adequate at a time. Take care of your speed, go

Slowly and moderately.

 Extend in Knee Portion

The knee is considered to be unique in the human body. It is important for seniors and elder

people to do activities that help in knee strengthening.

If you want to determine the difference, try for yourself! Knee extension exercise leads to

balance maintenance.

The knee exercise mentioned below is the easiest and effective way to regain your knee


Your body functioning is dependent on your knee. The ability to stand firm without losing

balance and falling is possible if your knee is strong.

It is essential to make your knee muscle flexible and to avoid chronic knee pain.

As you age, your body functioning starts to diminish. The muscle begins to lose flexibility

and to avoid faster aging, make a habit to include knee exercise as your morning ritual.

Motive of this exercise

The knee extension exercise helps in increasing your knee strength and ability to stand firm

without losing balance.

Step 1

Sit on a comforting chair and keep both of your feet flat and straight on the ground.

Step 2

Keep your knee straight in the front direction and hold the posture for 10 seconds, repeat the

same step with your left knee, and hold again for 10 seconds. Repeat the motion 10 times for

each leg.

How to breathe while exercising

Do proper inhale and exhale during upward and downward movement of legs.

Tricks to follow

While moving your leg, do not make it in faster motion. Gradually bring your toe back to the

starting point.

Do this exercise by extending your leg fully front and resuming back comfortable, if you have back pain problem use generic pain killers 

do not bring any bend of the curve while performing the motion.

 Exercise for Calf

The calf exercise is again important in making your lower body stronger and also in

Maintaining proper balance while walking. This exercise helps in accelerating your ability to


Sometimes we do tend to ignore exercise, but let me remind you that it is considered to be the

Heart of your legs and therefore it is essential to exercise these muscles every day.

This exercise helps in contracting the calf muscles, which regulate the proper velocity of

Blood pump between your lower and upper body.

You won’t feel dizziness or fainting sensation while standing for a longer period of time on

Your toes.

You can find a positive difference after a few days. for 10 seconds and get up fully with a

Standing posture. Repeat this step for 10 times every day.

Motive of this exercise

You can go for mountain climbing, trekking, or a long walk if you exercise your calf muscle


Most importantly helps in blood circulation from the lower to the upper body

Step 1

Stand straight while holding the back of your chair with both hands.

Step 2

Stand on your toes raised as high as possible, but do not exceed your comfort.

Hold the position for 10 seconds maybe and resume back on the surface.

Repeat a similar process 10 times to notice the positive difference.

How to breathe while exercising

Inhale you breathe while going upwards and exhale during the downward movement.

Tricks to follow

Try to keep your body posture still and keep your balance while raising high on your toes. To

Avoid any imbalance, keep an adequate distance between your feet.

 Sit and Stand Exercise

This exercise is of great help for both elders and senior citizens. It is effective in preventing

Standing disability and making them independent to stand and walk around without any


To perform this exercise, you only require a chair. Standing up from a chair in front. to

Everyone without any help shows your fitness a confidence level.

You should be willing to do this exercise every day to avoid any disability and improve your

Mobility strength.

A person should be fit enough to walk alone, sit and stand on a sofa, chair, or toilet seat on

Your own.

Motive of this Exercise

It is considered to be one of the most vital exercises to be able to stand on your own feet

Strong and tall.

It is known to be an excellent exercise to maintain the strength of your leg.

Step 1

Start this motion, by standing ahead of your chair and keeping your knee straight.

Step 2

In this step, you have to assume as if you are sitting on a chair, bend your knees, and lean


Do not immediately sit on the chair, hold onto that position for 10 seconds, and get up fully

With a standing posture. Perform this exercise about 10 times.

How to breathe while exercising

Inhale and exhale during the upward and downward body movement.

Tricks to follow

You can make use of a walker or nay support if you are finding it difficult to maintain


If you feel it difficult while pausing the sitting posture, instead you can sit on the chair and

Then again get up.

Jamal Crawford – successfully recovered after knee operative surgery

During the second season in NBA, Jamal Crawford got severely injured, which required knee

Reconstruction surgery to attain recovery.

Being a basketball player, the need for jumping high is a critical practice for a player.

Knee surgery could have been a negative turning point in his career.

Despite the knee surgery, he has been performing for twelve consecutive basketball seasons

By almighty grace and his willpower.

You will be amazed to know that he has registered in NBA history with the sixth man of the

Award twice a year.


Physical exercise holds an important role in the recovery after knee operative surgery.

Exercise will help you to heal and overcome all the residual chronic pain, after which you can

Get back to your daily routine.

If you are looking for faster and effective exercise, you can consult a physiotherapist. They

Can help you to transit from bed to full body function.

Our body parts start to decline their strength and power of functioning as and when we grow


It is advisory to include exercise in your daily minute to avoid future dependency.

Muscle flexibility is important for body regular body movement.

To gradually slow down the aging effects on your knee, perform the above-mentioned

exercises, and experience positive and healthy change for your physical wellbeing.

Experts can guide you with specific PT techniques and movements that help in a variety of